Duckie Brown S/S14: Its all About the Stripes

The detail in the jacket is INCREDIBLE!


Duckie Brown's S/S show was absolutely incredible. It was so minimalist, modern, and edgy, all my favorite things. Most people looking at the collection were perplexed about why the colors were not the typical "Summer" colors, but thats exactly why I loved it. It was actually good that the colors were more neutral then a crazy, saturated ones because the detail in the fabrics and the cuts and lines of the clothing were the statement in the collection, not the colors or embezzlements. For example the beautiful tan perforated jacket. It is simple in terms of color and its classic shape but its intricate and different based on the choice of fabric. But what stood out the most for me in the collection was that stripes were a main focus. The lines were so classic and so modern. The way they used incorporated the lines in different articles of clothing was genius, from Bjorn Borg short shorts to a classic car coat. I can definite see myself in the spring wearing most of this collection (especially the Florsheim shoes!).

Hey Guys/Gals!

Sorry I haven't been posting in a while but I have been super busy working like crazy. I am so excited that I am moving back to NYC today!!! I cant wait to move into my great apartment in the meat packing district that comes with an equinox gym membership. Ill also cant wait to continue posting more of my adventures to come in the Big Apple! Stay Tuned!

Disclosure Obsession

So all month and since before Coachella 2013, Ive been obsessed with Disclosure. Every song they make just makes me want to dance, get crazy, or even go for a run. I was first hooked with their single Latch with Sam Smith. The beat is awesome and the use of powerful, R&B vocals is so unexpected and incredibly perfect. Their new album settle came out a couple weeks ago and each track is just flawless. from January to Confess to me with Jessie Ware, who is a great friend of Guy & Howard. The two brothers are changing the world of house music and cant wait to go see them at Hard Summer!

Burberry S/S 14 Show

Finally! I got a chance to watch the Burberry S/S 14 show and I actually loved it. Thank g-d they are over using horrible neon metallic and are now doing light, icy pastels. What really sealed the deal for me was that the love of my life, Serena Williams, was in the front row. She's such a role model to me and plus I'm crushin on her too. Now back to the clothes. What was great about the collection was the wearability of the looks. I loved the deconstructed blazers and the knit hoodies over a casually dressed up pant and button up. I also loved the cool, funky, even retro sunnies they had on. I cant wait to get my hands on a pair!